We are digitalizing retail stores

About the Experience Store

The Experience Store is a platform to test the acceptance of new technologies with customers on the basis of a curated assortment.

The Experience Store is a seven figure investment creating a complete functional retail platform with it`s own store design, directly integrated in the Karstadt department store Düsseldorf.

The entire location consits a state of the art network infrastructure, digital touchpoints and services. It`s completly furnished and is presented by a specially trained team.

Our Partners
Costs and time benefits

Use an already implemented and operational store concept to experiment with the future of retail shopping.

Trained professionals

The Experience Store team consists of Karstadt employees and specialists trained on demonstrating the touchpoints.

Own products and facilities

You can integrate your own products in the curated sortiment and we are open minded for your ideas for the experience store.

Digtal Touchpoints
Electronic Pricetags

New data interactions.

New technologies connect offline and online shopping.

The Experience Store offers new opportunities to provide more detailed information for customers during the buying process enhancing the entire shopping experience. In addition there is more data about customers and their buying behaviour, that can be collected and analyzed.

Become a Partner
Digital network infrastructure

You benefit from an already existing infrastructure of sensors, beacons and WIFI Hotspots connected too additional applications like an indoor-navigation.

Data evaluation

You receive evaluations and insights of the Experience Store on a regular basis (e.g. heatmaps and statistics).

Digital Touchpoints

Interactive displays, changing rooms and smart trays connect the Experience Store to the online world.

Innovative Software

The recommendation engine suggest additional suitable clothes that can be directly ordered inside the room.

The Experience Store is a branding platform for your company

As the Experience Store is unique and highly innovative it receives special attention by customers and media. As a Partner you will be able to use the platform for your own branding and products.

Participation at exclusive workshops and events

Regular events around the experience store and the future of retail shopping with Karstadt and other partners.

Extensive presence of your brand

Your company will be placed in the experience store, at events and in related media.

Private tours and events

You can organize private tours for employees, agencies and customers after hours.